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Are You Ready to Tighten Up and Slim Down With T-Shock?

There’s Finally a Non-Invasive Solution For Signs of Aging and Stubborn Fat

The Ultimate Solution For Pain
Management and Fat Reduction

Discover the Many Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Localized Cryotherapy Treatments

Weight Loss

Burn 500-800 calories
Improve metabolism
Tighten and tone
Enhance energy

Pain Relief

Speed up recovery
Reduce inflammation
Control sensitivity
Decrease pain


Lifting and contour
Less cellulite
Tighter skin

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About Cryotherapy

What if You Could Change Your Life in Just 3 Minutes?

The word “Cryotherapy” is derived from  the Greek “Cryo” (cold) and “Therapy” (cure). Cryotherapy can be a Whole Body Treatment,  Localized Treatment or CryoFacial Treatment, that we conduct and monitor at extremely low temperatures.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a systemic anti-inflammatory treatment involving skin exposure to ultra-low temperatures usually around -110ºC to -140ºC for a brief, controlled time of 2-3 minutes.

Our JUKA Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers use state-of-the-art Cryotherapy technology. During the treatment your body enters the Cold Chamber from the neck down, and is safely exposed to nitrogen vapor, creating numerous beneficial physiological responses.

During this process, blood vessels rapidly constrict (vasoconstriction) to keep the bodies core temperature unchanged while the average skin temperature drops to 60°F. The extreme cold provokes an analgesic effect through the release of endorphins. more…

See What People Are Saying!

“I was having a difficult time releasing extra fat around my abs through dieting. I did a series of full body and abdominal local cryotherapy and was amazed at the results. My body has rediscovered it’s more slender shape again which truly is due to the cryotherapy sessions and keeping it off even weeks later.”

“I adore the facials. They brighten my mood and the overall tone of my skin. I also suffer from chronic headaches which start with throbbing in the temples. Since I have started these facials the headaches have dramatically reduced, and with the body treatments, I have less aches from running and increased energy — I love it!”

“Cryotherapy significantly reduces soreness and stiffness from working out. After stepping out of the cryo sauna, I feel invigorated and have more energy. This is a wonderful treatment for athletes, people with swelling and soreness after surgery, and for people who work in any physical occupation. I’m hooked!”

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New Treatment! Introducing Cryo T-Shock:
A Breakthrough In Body Contouring & Anti Aging

What Is Cryoslimming and Cryotoning?

Our unique Cryo T-Shock fat-freezing technology is a nonsurgical way to reduce pockets of fat in trouble spots such as the stomach, love handles, under arms, bra-line, chin, thighs, décolletage and face, in as little as one session*.

This award-winning 45-60 minute body contouring treatment uses heat and cold to naturally eliminate fat cells, smooth out cellulite and fine lines, and lift sagging skin.

  • Lose Weight & Reduce Fat
  • Eliminate Cellulite
  • Tighten & Tone Skin
  • Natural Face & Neck Lift
  • Natural Butt Lift
  • Painless & Non-Invasive

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Natural Facelift and Necklift:
Cryo T-Shock Hot and Cold Treatments

What Makes T-Shock Facelifts So Good?

Ever dreamed of reversing the dreaded skin sag from aging? With T-Shock, you can lift and contour your face, neck and jowel with a wonderful thermal treatment that uses heat and cold to naturally smooth out fine lines and lift sagging skin.

Our revolutionary 45-minute treatment employed manually by a trained professional, quickly destroys fat cells while significantly increasing collagen. And it’s pain free, with many clients comparing it to a pleasant massage. Bring out a younger and more beautiful you by treating yourself to this non-invasive treatment.

  • Tightens & Tones Skin
  • Painless & Non-Invasive
  • Lifting & Contour
  • Smooths Fine Lines

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Our top-rated staff is trained to help you get the best service for your budget. We’ll discuss what matters to you most and pick the perfect service for you.

After 61 Five-Star Video Testimonials… Marin County
Residents Continue To Love Cryotherapy Wholebody

“I decided to add the T-Shock program into doing the Whole Body Cryo, and have done it 6 times and have noticed great results. I definitely have a much flatter stomach as a result and am feeling really good.”
– Jenny G. 5-star Cryotherapy Wholebody T-Shock Review

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“I’ve had four whole body and four localized treatments in a week’s time to treat chronic upper back pain that I needed to take up to 6 Advil to alleviate. Since starting treatments, I haven’t had to take ANY at all!” – 5-star Cryotherapy Wholebody Review

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of Cryotherapy

  • Sports Recovery
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Weight & Fat Reduction
  • Burns 500-800 Calories
  • Increased Endorphins
  • Improved Sleep
  • Skin Tightening
  • Pain Relief

       *Individual Results May Vary

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