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There’s a plethora of advice on how to improve athletic performance. From fitness tips to complex regimen schedules, you have a hard time sorting out what is right for you and your health. The simple truth is that to train harder and longer and reach new levels, you need to give your body and your mind what they need. It’s a 3 step process. Feed. Focus. Recover.

Improve Your Athletic Performance by Resetting Your Mind

When you feel you have hit your peak, pause, take stock and reboot your systems. To improve athletic performance without pushing your body farther than it can go, you need to connect the mind-body dots.

Reassess Your Goals

Hard to achieve goals are a sure way to provoke fatigue and unnecessary frustration. Take a step back, set smaller but more frequent thresholds and take it one day at a time.


Change your state of mind. Your training should not be a chore nor an obligation. See it as a way to better and improve yourself.

Team Up

Whether it’s a sparring partner or a training coach, you will benefit from external motivation and will work harder to improve your athletic performance. Feed from the energizing boost that comes from encouragements.


Physical achievements start in the brain so the body knows where to go. Clear the path, declutter your head from imagined obstacles and limitations.


You have options buy it doesn’t have to be either or: hot baths, cat naps, massages, yoga, meditation can help you to recover faster and be in the best shape for the next session.

Improve Your Athletic Performance by Pampering Your Body


Fuel comes from complex carbs rather than simple sugars. Proper and sufficient fitness nutrition provides strength and endurance.


Keep your fluid intake at the best level possible before, during and after exercising. Replenish your electrolytes in order to avoid cramps, muscle spasm and fatigue.


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) provides the benefit of a speedy recovery, which is essential to improve athletic performance. It is a fast and safe way to relieve muscle soreness and recharge the body with nutrient and oxygen-rich blood.


Too many people neglect to properly stretch before and after workouts. Muscle soreness leads to injuries and setbacks. Don’t skip the warm up routine and post-workout stretching exercises.


Besides catnaps, make sure you get enough quality sleep each night. Sleep is probably the most efficient and most natural way to refresh your mind and body.

To efficiently improve athletic performance, you have to take care of yourself as a whole and not just physically. You can challenge yourself with new workouts, change your diet or take healthy supplements, but you also have to accept that sheer willpower is not enough. Success is a state of mind and body.

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