Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy First Session  $29.99

Whole Body Cryotherapy Single  $59.99

Whole Body Cryotherapy 3 Pack  $159.99

Whole Body Cryotherapy 5 Pack  $249.99

Whole Body Cryotherapy 10 Pack  $449.99

Whole Body Cryotherapy 20 Pack  $799.99

Whole Body Cryotherapy Monthly Unlimited  $699.99

Couples Monthly Unlimited ($100 savings)  $1299

Monthly Unlimited / Second Treatment in a day  $40

Ultimate Freeze Week (2 x day for one week)  $540

Groups of 10 Single Whole Body Cryotherapy  $499.99

Groups of 20 Single Whole Body Cryotherapy  $799.99

Private Cryotherapy Parties (inquire to book)


Localized Cryotherapy is a highly specialized & targeted treatment that has been known to reduce pain, swelling & inflammation in specific areas of the body.

Localized Cryotherapy Single  $34.99

Localized Cryotherapy 5 Pack*  $149.99

Localized Cryotherapy 10 Pack*  $249.99


Cryotherapy Facials are a highly specialized treatment that have been known to produce anti-aging & tightening effects, improve skin rejuvenation & collagen production.

Cryotherapy Facial Single  $44.99

Cryotherapy Facial 5 Pack*  $199.99

Cryotherapy Facial 10 Pack*  $349.99

Add Hand Rejuvenation to Facial  $9.99


Access Consciousness is a set of tools & processes that can change any area of your life & body.

Access Bars (50mins) First Session  $120

Access Bars (50mins)  $150

Access Body Process* (50mins) First Session  $99

Access Body Process* (50mins) $120

Access Energetic Facelift (50mins) First Session  $99

Access Energetic Facelift (50mins)  $120

* Selection of Body Processes

Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System (MTVSS) 

Cellular Memory

Zero Sum of Trauma

Instilling Chaos

Restoration of Communion with Earth

Demolecular Manifestation Molecular Demanifestation

Restoration of Vitality of Nerve Generation

Restoration of Structural Integrity & Function


Allow yourself to indulge in having your feet pampered while allowing your body’s own healing capacities to nurture you.

Reflexology (50mins)   $120