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The Health Benefits of the Cold

Not many of us like winter – single digit temperatures, less sunlight – but the health benefits of the cold may, in fact, outweigh these unpopular winter aspects. We can create opportunity everywhere and find something positive about the cold that will make winter feel less, well, wintery. Cold and Possible Health Risks Being exposed […]

Cryotherapy and Healthy Looking Skin: Chill Yourself to Radiance

Maintaining radiant and healthy looking skin entirely our own responsibility. It doesn’t have to do with just using the best creams and serums for our skin, even the most disciplined routine is not enough to slow the aging process. The signs of aging are inevitably unavoidable as our collagen production naturally decreases as years pass. […]

Weight Off Your Shoulders: Tips to Reduce Stress Levels

If you reduce stress levels, you will be able to minimize or even maybe eradicate the negative impacts that stress has on your life and your health. Stress wreaks havoc in our society and in learning how to deal with it, fight against it, you will allow yourself to avoid its tricky traps. Defining Stress […]

10 Ways to Improve Athletic Performance

There’s a plethora of advice on how to improve athletic performance. From fitness tips to complex regimen schedules, you have a hard time sorting out what is right for you and your health. The simple truth is that to train harder and longer and reach new levels, you need to give your body and your […]