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If you’re actively searching for new health trends this year, then you may be interested in learning more about one specific cryotherapy benefit. To save time and energy (keep it for the gym), we’ll go ahead and give you a clue: Whole Body Cryotherapy can increase your metabolism. Intrigued? Ready to know more? Keep reading to discover why your body deserves this ultimate treat.

About Cryotherapy

Is there a chill in the air? You may not be completely familiar with WBC, as people in the know call it, but it’s a new(ish) health trend that just happens to be taking the world by storm. Looking for a quick and easy way to get fit? This could be it!

Cryotherapy is a three-minute treatment, in which an individual stands in a deep freezer chamber, all the while the temperature continues to drop – to a very chilly -256 degrees fahrenheit. Not a fan of the cold? You may be after learning exactly what the cold can do for you. For example, whole body cryotherapy claims to burn (or, in this case, freeze) off up to 800 calories in the 24 hours post-treatment. Not too shabby for a fast, albeit freezing, three minutes, right?

The treatment boosts metabolism and encourages it to work full speed, releases endorphins (which are proven to make you happy), helps soothe those achy muscles, improves your sleeping patterns, reduces cellulite, calms inflammation, and, the best for last: Whole body cryotherapy can even assist in reversing signs of aging.

How It Works

What’s the big secret behind whole body cryotherapy? It’s believed that the nitrogen used during the treatment “tricks” the body into believing it’s in danger – a sense of fear, if you will. The body then goes into preservation mode. The brain then sends signals to the rest of the body, and in turn, blood rushes to the core for protection. This act causes body heat to increase, as well as an individual’s metabolism. Once this process is complete, the enriched blood then rushes through the rest of the body, helping to boost immunity, cell renewal, and even natural pain relievers.

A-list celebrities even seem to enjoy benefits of cryotherapy, as Demi Moore, Chelsea Handler, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Aniston have all been rumored to have jumped on the bandwagon (in the cryo chamber), and started chilling.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! Whole Body Cryotherapy has also been known to assist with a wide variety of other health issues and ailments, including back pain, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and basic joint pain (i.e. sore shoulders, twisted ankle, sprained wrist).

Ready to give it a try? No matter how busy you are, or what your schedule’s like, you have three minutes to spare, don’t you? (You can be in and out in 10 minutes!)

Feel Better Today: The Number One Cryotherapy Benefit

It’s a new year, and if you want to look and feel better, then you may need to try a new treatment. Once you get started, you won’t regret it! This cryotherapy benefit is too good to miss. From gaining a metabolism boost to cell renewal, what do you have to lose?

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