improve sleep with whole body cryotherapy

If you are having trouble with your sleep, you are likely looking for a solution. Instead of relying on sleeping pills that may have dangerous and addictive side effects, making the switch to standing in a cryochamber for a few minutes can be better for your health. Not only can you improve sleep with cryotherapy, but you can reap a multitude of other heath benefits in the process.

Improve Your Overall Wellness

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) rapidly drops the body’s surface temperature through exposure to cold nitrogen vapors. This process tricks your body into hypothermia mode and draws a majority of your blood into its core where nutrient-enriching and oxygenation occur. Upon exiting the cryochamber, the nutrient-rich blood is released and pumped vigorously back into tissues, effectively detoxifying and stimulating growth and regeneration.

How Cryotherapy Improves Your Sleep

Endorphins are also released a result of triggering your nervous system and can lead to a lasting feeling of euphoria after cryotherapy, followed by relaxation. The release of endorphins and anti-inflammatory properties has been shown to help combat insomnia and the effects of sleep disorders.

Cryotherapy is also effective at reducing inflammation and muscles aches in your body via a total systemic response that is triggered by hypothermic conditions. The analgesic effects brought on by cryotherapy are a result of an effective system “reboot”. The absence of chronic pain and inflammation, even temporarily, can help you fall and stay asleep better.

Rest and Recovery

Cryotherapy can also stimulate the vagus nerve, the main nerve center responsible for your parasympathetic nervous system. Effective stimulation of the vagus nerves can significantly reduce inflammation and also trigger your body’s relaxation response by releasing acetylcholine and communicating with other parts of your body.

By scheduling regular whole body cryotherapy appointments, you can improve your sleeping patterns and expect to wake up feeling rested and energized.

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