Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is not just for well-trained athletes or for professional healthcare advocates. It’s for everyone!

Cryotherapy and Skin Rejuvenation

The sub-zero treatment helps stimulate skin tissue through vasoconstriction (tightening of blood vessels). When blood rapidly rushes back to the extremities after cold treatment, the force helps to flush out toxins and rejuvenate tissues. Many describe the feeling after a session in the cryo chamber as feeling reenergized and recharged. Cryo Facials™ are a more localized treatment that focuses on the areas around the face and neck to encourage collagen production and maintain elasticity.

Cryotherapy for Everyone 

Not only do real women also engage in WBC as a part of their beauty and fitness regimen, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills paid a visit to a cryotherapy facility to experience the health and beauty benefits of cold therapy.

Watch and have a laugh as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills try WBC and see how easy it is to try! If they did it, you can too! Make it a regular part of your beauty and wellness routine. Maybe even grab a few girlfriends for some real fun!

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