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“As a Personal Trainer, fitness is my life. I am always looking to improve my physical performance, and recovery is the key to that. With Cryotherapy I feel a huge decrease in inflammation in my entire body. I am able to recover and perform at a higher level because of that. I also just feel happier after Cryo, thanks to the release of endorphins. I feel less stressed out, and sleep better. As someone who prides themselves in athletic performance, Cryo is helping me reach new heights. I am able to train much harder and more consistently because of my improved recovery. 

CRYOTHERAPY WHOLEBODY is definitely where I will recommend all my clients (and others) go. This is a great tool for all people – whether you’re a high level athlete or your average gym goer, or someone who just wants to improve their health and happiness. Great location too. I will definitely be a regular here!”

“What else is crazy possible?”

Amir ZandiPersonal Trainer

I did a series of full body and abdominal local cryotherapy and was amazed at the results. I was having a difficult time releasing extra fat around the ab area through dieting and found this new therapy does the trick. I am pleased with the results as it seems to keep working even weeks after a session.  My body has rediscovered it’s more slender shape again which truly is due to the cryotherapy sessions and keeping it off even weeks later. I am so pleased and grateful that this exists and allows me to have recourse for maintaining my optimal weight and shape. Thank you to all the staff at Cryotherapy Wholebody they are all wonderful, caring and attentive.

Cynthia Welsh

“I am a spinning instructor and teach a minimum of seven classes per week and my body feels the effects of overuse.  My quadriceps, hips and lower back are often so sore that I need to get massages for relief, but the effects don’t last long and taking three or four hours out of the week for a massage doesn’t work with my schedule.

Recently I had decided to try CryoTherapy and I am pleased to say that I will continue the daily sessions, they only take approximately three minutes.  I have determined that CryoTherapy significantly reduces the soreness and stiffness associated with working out.  After stepping out of the Cryo Sauna, I feel invigorated and have even more energy than before, this is a wonderful treatment for athletes, people with swelling an soreness after surgery, and for people who work in any physical occupation.  I’m hooked!”

Lynnette KlingReal Estate Speciaist

“I adore the facials. They brighten my mood and the overall tone of my skin. I have also noticed a reduction in the redness and fine lines around my eyes and lips. I also suffer from chronic headaches which start  with throbbing in the temples. Since I have started these facials the headaches have dramatically reduced, and with the body treatments I have less aches from running and increased energy-I love it!”

Kathleen Robine

“I’ve had four wholebody and four localized treatments in a weeks time to treat chronic upper back pain. I often need to take up to 6 Advil to alleviate the pain and haven’t had to take ANY since starting the treatments.”

Tracy Taylor

“Immediate relief in my lower back area! Wow it was absolutely amazing how fast I felt relief.”

Scott Murray

“I was introduced to cryo a year ago and have been addicted ever since! The benefits I experience includes increased energy and decreased inflammation… and the extra calorie burn is great too. Its fantastic that Cryotherapy Whole Body is now open in Marin!”

Samantha Garden

“I have been hearing about Cryotherapy for a few months and I have been anxious to try the process, but with limited time it has been a challenge. I was so happy to find this location as it is very convenient. The process is quick and I feel amazing! The staff is so friendly and excited to share this wonderful therapy. Thank you!’’

Frances H. Yankie, DDS
  • “All lower back ache gone after 1st wholebody”
  • “Foot pain reduced by 85% after first local”
  • “Skin glowing & lovely – 3 facials”
  • “Fantastic Staff!”
Angeleah Donahue

“The localized treatments on my neck and knee have shown instant relief. I love the facials and i get whole body treatments 2-3 per times week. The quality of my sleep has impressed and feel re- energized after every session.”

Tia F

“After cryotherapy at cryotherapy whole body, the world is right again.”

Will C

“I feel less stiff in the mornings. And my back has never felt better.”

Jen M

I am an avid equestrian and have noticed that I am less stiff, less sore, and stronger when I ride. I experienced a significant difference after my very first treatment. I will be back and have recommended the treatment to friends and clients.”

Diana Koll

“The changes I have noticed in my body since having my cryotherapy treatments are that my chronic sinusitis is not acting up. It helps a lot with more my inflammation. Not only that, but the whole experience was a lot more relaxing than I thought it would be. Its nice to take some time out of my day to de-stress while knowing that afterwards, I’ll feel better.”

Kai Rice

“I came in with a very sore shoulder which I had injured the day before. I received a localized treatment and within several hours the pain was reduced now 24 hours later the pain is gone. Wow!”


“My skin feels smooth, and much more clear (because I had mild/medium acne beforehand) I’m getting comments from friends and family after only 2 facial treatments! I’m very happy with the results so far and I recommend this treatment to everyone who has acne and needs a cure!”

Isabel KarmanFacials